Paysail Overview
The Paysail team is thrilled to launch our beta! Paysail is an enterprise solution that leverages Celo to enable instant, global business-to-business invoicing and payments. During the beta, Paysail will be working with companies in the Celo network to make invoicing cheaper, faster, and safer for them.
From day one on our beta, you will be able to send, receive, pay, and manage invoices with only a few clicks. And best of all, you'll be able to transact in both CELO and cUSD, with the ability to add and remove funds from their account. CELO is the native cryptocurrency of the full-stack Celo network and cUSD is a stablecoin pegged to the value of the US dollar. Learn more about the Celo protocol's inspiring mission and breakthrough technology. We’re also getting ready to support cEUR in the coming months, as well as other cryptocurrencies.
With Paysail, users can add customers to their account to easily send them invoices. Customers who have Paysail accounts themselves will be able to use their account to view and pay the invoices that other beta users send them. But we’ve also created a seamless experience for users invoicing customers outside of the Paysail network! When Paysail users send their out-of-network customers an invoice, these customers will receive an email allowing them to connect a Celo-compatible wallet and complete the payment in minutes.
Once you join our beta, you will gain access to our onboarding materials like video tutorials and user documentation, and you'll also have an open line of communication with our team in case you would like a live walk-through or have any questions or input. We’ll also be collecting feedback through surveys, calls, forums, and usage information with the objective of better serving the needs of our users.
Beta users will be charged $10 per month for the Paysail software (which will be invoiced on Paysail 😉), with a money-back guarantee.
We’re ecstatic to bring our invoicing solutions to our beta users so soon, and we’re grateful for your invaluable participation and support!

Check out our video walkthrough and see the rest of our documentation to learn how you can signup for the Paysail beta and send, receive, and manage invoices.

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