Organize Customers

View and Add Customers

Paysail allows you to transact with your customers who have a Paysail account and customers who do not. Read more about out-of-network transactions.
To send an invoice to a customer, you must first add them to your address book. You can do this in one of two ways, through the Customers List and through New Invoice. Read more about how you can add customers.

Customers List

On the left-hand menu, click on Customers. Here, you can see your full customers list, which displays each customer’s name, company, email, description, and the date their profile was created.
Click on Customers

Add a new customer

Click on Add Customer on the right above your customers list to add a new customer.
When adding a new customer to your address book, include the following information: first and last name, company name, email address, description (optional), billing address, and phone number, then click on Add Customer to add the customer to your personal customers list and return to the list.
Input customer information
We will support bulk imports and CRM integrations shortly.
Note that you may also add a new customer when creating an invoice. Read more about how you can Add Customers.

View Customer Details

To view more details about an individual customer and their transaction history, click anywhere on the row of the customer on the Customers List or click on the ellipsis button on the right-hand side to access further actions, then click on View Customer.
Under Details, you may view the customer’s name, their company’s name, email, phone, and address, and a description.
Under Emails, if you have transacted with this customer before, you may resend an email with the last invoice you sent them as a reminder.
Under Data Management, you may remove your customer from your contact list, which erases their information from your contacts list but does not erase previous transaction history. Please note that once deleted, this information cannot be retrieved and the customer has to be re-added if you wish to transact with them in the future.
Click on Edit on the top right to edit your customer’s information including name, email, company name, company address, and phone number.
Click on Update Customer to save your edits and return to the Customers List.
Click on the Invoices tab to view a list of all transactions with your customer. Here, you will see the transaction ID, date and time of transaction, description, payment method, total transaction amount, and status. On the right-hand side of each invoice on the list, click on the ellipsis button to access further actions. Click on View Invoice to see more details about the invoice, click on Download PDF to export a PDF version of the invoice, or click on Delete to delete the invoice.