Joining the Paysail Platform

Sign Up

Navigate to the Paysail homepage and click the blue "Sign Up" button or click here.
From here, complete a brief sign-up process. You will be asked to enter and confirm your company email via a Magic link sent to your inbox. Paysail is secured by Magic's password-less authentication. This means you do not need to set up a password — simply confirm your email periodically upon logging in.
Authenticate Your Email to Sign Up
You will then be asked to input your first name, last name, company name, sector, and how you intend to use Paysail’s services. Click on Next, then input your company’s address and phone number, then click Complete Sign Up. We collect this information so that we are able to understand our users better and serve your unique needs, as well as verify the trustworthiness of those who join our network. Now, click Complete Sign Up to be taken to your Paysail dashboard. Welcome to Paysail!
Complete Signup

Next Steps

Now that you’re all set up, learn how to send an invoice, pay an invoice, organize your customers, and manage your profile!
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