Create and Send Invoices

Send an Invoice

You can easily create and send an invoice to any of your customers, whether they are already using Paysail or not. Read more about out-of-network transactions.
On the left-hand menu, click on Sent Invoices, Received Invoices, Recurring Invoices, or Drafts. From each of these tabs, you can see all the invoices you have sent, received, set as recurring, and drafted, respectively. Read more about managing invoices.
From Dashboard, Sent Invoices, or Drafts, click on New Invoice on the right above the invoice list to create a new invoice.


First, add a customer to receive your invoice by clicking in the text box below Customer. You will see a list of recent customers already in your address book that you may select. You may also click on View All Customers to access your full address book. Alternatively, if you are sending an invoice to a customer who has not been added to your company’s customer book, add them in by clicking on Add new customer. Read more about Adding Customers.

Payment Information

Next, under Payment Information, select the due date of your invoice by indicating how many days after you send the invoice the payment is due from your customer. Below, you will see what calendar date this due date corresponds to. You may select USDC, CELO, or cUSD as your chosen currency for the requested payment. If you do not already have a crypto wallet connected, you will be prompted to connect one at this time. Read more about connecting a wallet or read more about CELO, cUSD, and other currencies.


Under Items, add each item that you would like to include in your invoice, and specify the quantity and price of each item. You may write the title of the item, the quantity, and the price in the respective text boxes. The total amount for the full quantity of the item will be calculated on the right.
To add more items, click on Add item and complete the item name, quantity, and price fields in the same way.
You may also add a tax percentage to be applied to the subtotal, and the total below will display the all-inclusive total amount that will be payable by your customer.


At the bottom of your invoice, you may also add an optional memo. The memo might include a thank you note for your customer, a further explanation of the items invoiced, or any other message you wish to include.

Preview, Save, or Send

At the top of the page, you will have the option to Cancel, Save as Draft, or Send Invoice.
Click on Cancel to discard the current invoice. Note that your progress will not be saved if you press this button.
Click on Save as Draft to save a draft of your invoice on the Drafts tab. Saving your invoice as a draft will take you to your list of drafts. From here, click on any of your drafts to return to the editable invoice. Here, you can edit any of the components of the invoice, send it, or simply save it as a draft again to continue editing later.
Once you have completed all required input fields of the invoice (all except the optional memo), the Send Invoice button will be enabled. Click on Send Invoice to see a preview of the invoice that your customer will receive by email. Then, click on Send Invoice to confirm and send the invoice to your customer, or click Cancel to return and edit your invoice.
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