Out-of-Network Transactions
We’re excited to be building Paysail for the increasing number of businesses looking for a cryptocurrency invoicing and payment solution like Paysail! At the same time, we want businesses that are not yet on the Paysail network to have access to still have access to our services, and we recognize that your customers may be included in this group. So we have enabled fast and simple out-of-network functionality — this way, you can invoice any internet-connected customer in the world! All your customers need to receive and pay your Paysail invoices is an email address and a Celo-compatible wallet, which they can easily create and fund.
We have designed the out-of-network payment process to be intuitive and self-guided, but feel free to share this documentation with your customers for additional support!

Sending an Invoice Out-of-Network

As a sender, you do not need to complete any additional steps to send an invoice to a customer who does not have a Paysail account. Read more about sending an invoice.

Receiving an Invoice as an Out-of-Network Customer

The customer receives an email with the invoice and a request to pay. Read more about receiving invoices.
Click Pay Invoice in the email. If you are an out-of-network customer, you will be shown the invoice again, including the due date, recipient and sender information, items in the invoice, subtotal, tax added, and total.
Click on Pay Invoice, then you will be asked to connect a wallet to complete payment. You may choose any Celo-compatible wallet including Valora, MetaMask, Celo Terminal, Celo Extension Wallet, WalletConnect, Ledger Wallet, and Private Key.
Once you connect a wallet, you will see a summary of your transaction, including the due date, recipient and sender information, items in the invoice, subtotal, tax added, and total, as well as the public address and balance of your connected wallet. The Pay Invoice button will be enabled if your connected wallet has sufficient funds to cover the requested invoice payment. Otherwise, you may load funds to your wallet — refer to your chosen wallet provider for more information on how to load funds.
Click on Pay Invoice to complete the payment.
Out-of-Network Invoice Payment
You will see a confirmation message with the number of the transaction’s block on the Celo chain and a unique Paysail transaction ID, and you will also receive a receipt via email.
After you complete the payment, you will have the option to configure a Paysail account for full access to our invoice creation and management features. Otherwise, you may continue to receive and pay for invoices even without a Paysail account.
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