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Receive and Pay Invoices

Receive and Pay an Invoice

When someone is invoiced through Paysail, they receive an email. Note that invoice recipients who have a Paysail account will also be able to view their received invoices under Received Invoices on the Paysail website. Read more about managing your invoices.
The email to the invoice recipient will include the value of the invoice, due date, recipient and sender information, items in the invoice, subtotal, tax added, and total.
Email with Invoice
Click on View and Pay Invoice in the email. If you have a Paysail account, you will be prompted to log in to use the funds on your wallet to pay the invoice or top up your wallet if you have insufficient funds. Read more about out-of-network transactions if you are an out-of-network recipient and do not have a Paysail account.
Paying for an Invoice with a Paysail Account
Once you complete the payment, you will receive a receipt via email.
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